St. Pius X Church Schedule

Please make arrangements for your own replacement.
Contact Linda McCormack at 207-797-7026 with any concerns. Thank You.
Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers
Weekend Date Saturday 4:30 PM Mass Sunday 7:00 AM Mass Sunday 9:00 AM Mass
February 24 Lector : E. Lavoie
   EM1 : B. Green
   EM2 : S. Jackson
   EM3 : A. Litcher
   EM4 : S. Litcher
Lector : T. Libby
   EM1 : R. Libby
   EM2 : MJ Norton
   EM3 : M. Decotis
   EM4 : D. Desimone
Lector : MJ Norton
   EM1 : K. Farris
   EM2 : M. Coyne
   EM3 : MJ Norton
   EM4 :